About Us

Tommy Brents began his tech support career at a young age. Influenced by his junior high computer science teacher, Tommy was often the go-to “tech expert” for all his family and friends. “It’s a blessing and a curse”, he often jokes. In high school it wasn’t uncommon for the student to act as the teacher in Tommy’s case, as he would often be called upon to assist even his technology instructors in understanding and utilizing the new technologies which were being implemented in the schools. On a few occasions he even lent a hand to the district’s IT staff in being a 1st tier of support diagnosing IT issues. He had an entrepreneurial spirit even then, earning national honors in a tech-related category for the Business Professionals of America.

After graduating from high school in 2003, Tommy quickly found part-time work in a small business’ IT department as an assistant System Administrator. While he pursued higher education, an opportunity soon came for Tommy to become the Systems Administrator where he oversaw the implementation of various new technologies, processes, and applications.

Several years later, the allure of self-employment became too much, and Tommy launched a personal computer repair service for residential customers. Within months, the business was self-sustaining and eventually necessitated dedicated space for a computer shop. Dayton, TX soon became home to Tommy Brents Technology Solutions Provider (TSP).

Through the years Tommy had the pleasure of serving countless customers throughout Liberty, Chambers, and Harris counties, taking care of flustered seniors, busy blue collar working men and women, and small business owners. It didn’t take long for the requests to start rolling in for commercial services.

In January of 2016, as the personal computing market began to shift toward handheld devices and cheaper PCs, Tommy Brents TSP became Cypritech, a technology solutions business dedicated to providing priority support to commercial customers.

In 2017, we began to take a new approach with our customers as we launched Cypritech Managed Services, a proactive service solution for addressing the ongoing challenges and needs of growing small businesses. Never stagnant, we continue to evolve and adapt to a changing technology culture.

In 2018, as the cost of consumer computing devices continued to fall, we began to transition away from the traditional “computer shop” structure, placing our emphasis and directing our energy toward serving our customers remotely and on-site. In October of 2018, we closed our public office (shop) and have relocated to a private location where we can dedicate ourselves to serving our customers and responding to support requests conveniently via remote desktop support sessions or convenient on-site visits.

While we no longer offer the convenience of a public computer shop, we continue to serve our faithful residential customers. The freedom of not staffing a public office space has allowed us to resume local residential on-site services and to begin offering an affordable form of managed services for residential computer systems.

Of course, our primary focus continues to be providing quality high-priority services to our commercial customers who serve our community and support our local economy. We are continuing to enhance our service offerings to better compliment the needs of our commercial customers.

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